Leveraging AI for Advanced Business Communication

eNWEB is a cutting-edge, browser-enabled, and generative AI-enabled secured communication solution designed to address the pressing challenges faced by businesses in the digital age. It offers a comprehensive set of features for secure and efficient business communication.

Current Challenges in Communication Perspective

We live in an information age where safeguarding information is critical.

Importance of Internal Communication

eNWEB - Your Ultimate Solution

eNWEB Value Proposition

  • Significant communication cost savings.
  • No need for additional investment in expansion.
  • Elimination of roaming charges.
  • Savings in maintenance costs.
  • Reduced conference expenses.
  • Access management.
  • Network security.
  • Storage security.
  • Secured transport.
  • Operational security
  • Improved productivity with IM and presence features.
  • Integration of desk phones, mobiles, and softphones for a “Single Number” solution.
  • Use of laptops/tablets as clients.
  • Enables enterprise mobility and virtual office capabilities.
  • Extension from anywhere in the world.
  • Domain authentication.
  • IMSI authentication.
  • TLS (Transport Layer Security).
  • Secure Real-time Transport Protocol (SRTP).
  • Data stored in real-time with AES 128/256 encryption.
  • Data storage only on the server, not on the client.
  • Audit logs.
  • Cut, copy, paste controls.
  • Recording management.
  • Data evaporation.

Special Features

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