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We recognize the critical role that communication plays in the success of modern enterprises.

At NAM InfoCom, our mission is to offer state-of-the-art solutions that enable businesses to communicate effectively, securely, and efficiently. We understand the challenges faced by organizations in today’s dynamic landscape, and we have tailored our offerings to address these needs comprehensively.

Built on WebRTC: Ensuring Secure Enterprise Communication

NAM InfoCom’s WebRTC-based communication framework offers a secure and cost-effective solution for enterprises, eliminating the need for costly toll-free numbers and client software. It allows video and audio calls directly through web browsers on any device, along with contextual communications that enable users to interact without leaving the website. Furthermore, WebRTC ensures fully encrypted peer-to-peer connections, providing robust end-to-end security for both consumers and businesses.

Our Solutions are



Custom Made

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each tailored to meet the unique needs and challenges of modern enterprises.

Revolutionizing Contact Centers

eNCALL is a versatile multimedia contact center platform, ideal for businesses of all sizes. With an open architecture, it provides advanced tools for campaign management, call flows, agent screens, and reporting. Empower your contact center with voice, video, SMS, email, web chat, and fax capabilities, along with features like secure payment processing and VIP customer treatment. Supporting analog, digital, and IP trunks, eNCALL is your comprehensive solution for contact center excellence. eNCALL provides SIP compatibility for global coverage, and web widgets and website plug-ins for enhanced customer engagement.

Securing Mobile Business Communication

In the mobile-dominated business landscape, eNCOM stands out as a secure solution for mobile communication challenges. Offering IMSI and domain authentication, AES encryption, and advanced security features, it ensures protected connections. Compatible with Android, iOS, and Windows Mobile, eNCOM provides reliable audio, video calls, conferencing, and messaging, trusted by entities like the Govt Sector.

Browser Enabled Secured Communication

In the era of heightened data security needs, eNWEB provides a robust solution with end-to-end encrypted communication. Offering flexibility with private cloud or on-premises storage, it supports audio, video, messaging, and conferencing while seamlessly integrating with enterprise applications. Tailored for diverse sectors, eNWEB stands out with features like application customization, security policy implementation, multitenant support, and browser accessibility.

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At NAM InfoCom, we  understand the evolving landscape of communication and are committed to providing innovative solutions that empower your business. Explore our offerings, and experience the future of communication.